St. 博纳旺蒂尔大学

Military Aligned Student Program

St. 博纳旺蒂尔大学 proudly welcomes our nation's veterans and military-affiliated families. Learn why our military-friendly institution is a top-ranked school for veterans.

We appreciate the selfless service that the U.S. armed forces provide our country, and we try to reflect our appreciation in the benefits and services we provide to our military-aligned students.

  • We're a Military Friendly School

    Military Friendly School GoldSt. Bonaventure is recognized as a Military Friendly School because we meet or exceed benchmark standards for military friendly institutions in six categories:
    • academic policies and compliance
    • 招生及迎新
    • 文化与承诺
    • financial aid and assistance
    • 毕业与职业
    • military student support and retention.
    In addition to offering many benefits for veterans, in many instances spouses and children are also eligible for certain services and education benefits. 了解更多




    专业 & 未成年人


    We welcome veterans, active military, and their spouses to apply to St. Bonaventure's undergraduate and graduate programs. While the application and admission process for veterans is a bit more involved than that for the typical student, our Veterans Services Office is eager to guide you. We'll ensure you don't miss out on any opportunities specific to you.